The customer has chosen us to build a coherent and captivating image able to convey the elegance and the distinctive flavour of his cuisine. We contributed developing the restaurant’s brand: from the ideation of a new graphic line, to the setting of the online presence.


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Brand Mark

The progressive stylization of an heartbeat shape used for the initials, the essential curve lines and a bold typography create a modern, elegant and welcoming look that helps the customer to connect with emotions.



Proportion between different elements of the primary brand mark derive from golden ratio. This is also true for spacing between letters, and between primary mark and his subtitle mark.

01. Golden ratio
02. Proportions


Combining traditions and modernity the chef was able to make his cuisine unique and recognizable. With this new identity Marco Martini marks itself as a passionate and creative chef and entrepreneur.

Menu Design

A refined minimal style and a light typography have bene chosen to help customers focus on courses ingredients and tasting menus.


Great photography enhancing the location, the people and the courses. We worked in order to give the user a seamless and sophisticated experience.

Colour choice

The new concept is characterised by the use of two colours, white and a custom black, two opposites that strive perfection. An essential palette completed with a matt grey that helps to convey a sophisticated outlook.